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Miscellaneous pictures

The best ice I've ever sailed on - Cass Lake circa 1981
6" of brand new black ice, not a single crack or hole on the whole lake
- Paul Goodwin with his first homebuilt boat

Paul Goodwin chases JD to the weather mark (47k JPG)
2003 Central Lakes Regional Championship

Fiberglass mast crew with epoxy balance
The historic night - the 1st fiberglass mast goes together!!!

Ron Sherry and epoxy balance

Ron and Mike Rehe - mast in process

sea of runners

Ron Sherry's "straightedge"

Jeff Kent Jeff Kent at speed (59k JPG)

Opening ceremony 2001 Gold Cup Opening ceremony for the 2001 Gold Cup World Championship (75k JPG)

Bob capsizes Bob Cummins demonstrates a new method for checking sail trim! (48k JPG)

Barnegat Bay Sunset at Barnegat Bay, NJ (54 k JPG)

Champs Ron Sherry tests the food at the 1999 Fun Regatta at Lake Leelanau, Michigan (63k JPG)
(Chef Richard Wollam dishing it up)

John Davenport John Davenport muscles off the starting line at the 1999 North American Championship (62k JPG)

John Russel John Russel - self portrait (60k JPG)

Paul Goodwin Paul Goodwin and Bruce Brown duke it out at the 1999 Fun Regatta (63k JPG)

Fun Regatta Weather mark action at the 1999 Fun Regatta (60k JPG)

Jan Gougeon battles with Bernd Zeiger Jan Gougeon battles with Bernd Zeiger (48k JPG)

Andreas Bock Andreas Bock leaves a vapor trail (36k JPG)

Mast rake Enough mast rake????? (34k JPG)

Eastern Sunset Eastern Sunset (Buttons Bay, VT) by Jeff Kent (54k)

Waiting for the word Waiting for the word (1996 NA's) by Debbie Parker (38k)

The meeting The meeting (1996 NA's) by Debbie Parker (63k)

Cartoon by Arnold Turnhofer Cartoon by Arnold Turnhofer

Welcome to our Playground Welcome to our Playground - Sandusky Bay - 1995 Central Region Championship (130k)

Dragons of Ice Dragons of Ice by Larry Elmore (117k)

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Three black and white photos from the making of the "Think Ice" cover (24k each)
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